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ROXY Robotics makes programming industrial robots user-friendly and fast. ROXY software puts you in control and makes your robot flexible in use. Programming experience isn’t required.

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What are the benefits of ROXY?

Are you a robot owner or system integrator? ROXY gives you these benefits over traditional programming.



The user-friendly ROXY user interface lets you program industrial robots easy and fast.

Saving costs

Saving costs

Save costs and time by faster programming. Increase the utilization of robots.



Be independent of each robot programming language and scarce expert knowledge.

How does it work?

Create a program for your robot by dragging and dropping commands blocks. There is no need to know robot languages like KAREL, RAPID and VAL 3. Making a change can be done quick!

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ROXY's drag and drop user interface

Our customers and partners

IRS Robotics
Betech Group
ABB Benelux

We have completely changed the runtime in a very short time! Thank you ROXY!

— Didier Garray, Sirris

ROXY is user-friendly and can be used by anyone

— Zaher Rajab, ABB Benelux

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