Release history

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ROXY 2.1.0

February 21, 2020

We have updated the license files for ROXY. If you’re currently running a licensed version of ROXY and want to install this update, please contact us to make sure your installation is still licensed after the update.

  • Improved I/O handling

    The use of I/O signals in ROXY and their handling has been thoroughly revised, resulting in an easier and faster experience!

  • Pulsing signals

    It is now also possible to pulse an I/O signal with the new pulse block. Read more

  • I/O page & widget

    Monitoring selected I/O signals can now easily be done via the new I/O page in ROXY and the new I/O widget for the dashboard.

  • Interface improvements

    Several pages have had a visual overhaul. Information is now presented more concisely and clearly throughout ROXY.

  • Minor improvements, such as updated documentation and enhanced stability

ROXY 2.0.41

November 13, 2019

  • Updated block library

    The ordering of the block library has been heavily revised, and is now more clearly structured. You can now search for specific blocks as well.

  • Setting tool offset

    It is very important to work with the correct tool dimensions. ROXY now has a new wizard to set this up very easily.

  • Runtime information

    Running your runtime step by step or checking the current speed of the robot, the user is now presented with some last minute information and options before running a (new) runtime.

  • Improved flow for adding new devices

    Connecting new devices to ROXY has never been more easy. In just a few simple steps you can now add new robots, cameras or sensors!

  • Doing the math

    With the addition of several arithmatic blocks, you are now able to write more extensive logic and calculate new positions.

  • Minor improvements, such as new widgets for the dashboard, updated documentation and enhanced stability