ROXY 2.1.0

February 21, 2020

We have updated the license files for ROXY. If you’re currently running a licensed version of ROXY and want to install this update, please contact us to make sure your installation is still licensed after the update.

  • Improved I/O handling

    The use of I/O signals in ROXY and their handling has been thoroughly revised, resulting in an easier and faster experience!

  • Pulsing signals

    It is now also possible to pulse an I/O signal with the new pulse block. Read more

  • I/O page & widget

    Monitoring selected I/O signals can now easily be done via the new I/O page in ROXY and the new I/O widget for the dashboard.

  • Interface improvements

    Several pages have had a visual overhaul. Information is now presented more concisely and clearly throughout ROXY.

  • Minor improvements, such as updated documentation and enhanced stability

Download this version

A list of previous release notes can be found here.

ROXY needs to be installed on Windows. Read more about the system requirements.

How to upgrade your current ROXY installation

Follow these steps to upgrade to the latest version.

  • Step 1 - Check your current ROXY version

    Open your ROXY and choose the top right cog icon. In the settings panel scroll down to see the version number. Check if this version number is lower than the version number at the top of this page. Continue to the next step if this is the case.

  • Step 2 - Download the latest ROXY release

  • Step 3 - Start the installation

    Follow the steps and install over your existing ROXY folder. Your old ROXY files will be replaced with newer versions.

  • Step 4 - Done!

    When the installer is finished you can launch Chrome and open ROXY.

Need help? Check the knowledgebase or contact us.