Easy and user-friendly!

Create a program for your industrial robot arm by dragging and dropping command blocks. There is no need to know robot languages like KAREL, RAPID and VAL 3. Making a change can be done quick!

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Get control over your robot

Easy installation

It is easy to set up your robot for ROXY. Download and install ROXY, add your robot and create your first program!

Work safely

Work safely with industrial robots with ROXY. Like testing your program step by step, seeing the robot speed and teaching safely with the teach pendant functionality.

Control robots

Use the ROXY joystick to control the robot or teach positions. Add taught positions to your program with ease.

Virtual robot

Don’t have a ‘real’ robot? The ROXY virtual robot visualises how your robot programs run.

Operator dashboard

Do you want robot programs insight and control at your production line? Use the flexible operator dashboard.


Do you use a robot tool or devices like a camera, PLC or CNC machine with your robot? ROXY lets you easily read and send signals to peripheral devices.

Brand independent

Program all robots brands in the same language without knowing robot languages like KAREL, RAPID and VAL 3.

Support and training

Do you need help with ROXY? The ROXY knowledgebase website helps you installing, activating or learning. Or get a single day ROXY training.

Palletize smarter

Do you have a robot stacking boxes or other objects?

Create a stacking or unstacking pattern in just a few steps with the ROXY Palletizer. ROXY generates a stacking pattern with robot arm positions based on box dimensions, space and pallet.

Get these advantages over traditional robot programming:

  • Create a program for your robot in a few steps by yourself.
  • No need to teach all robot arm positions manually.
  • Create and change stacking patterns. You can even change the layout per layer!
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Our customers use ROXY for



Stacking or unstacking boxes or objects with the ROXY Palletizer.

Pick & Place

Pick & Place

Pick up objects and place them in a desired location.



Assemble product parts and change the robot tool to screw.

Machine tending

Machine tending

Control, load and unload injection moulding or CNC machines.

Supported robot arms

  • ABB
  • Stäubli

And ROXY communicates with

  • Various robot tools and grippers
  • Cameras and sensors like SICK or Cognex
  • Modbus and Siemens S7 PLCs
  • CNC and injection moulding machines

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