ROXY autumn release!

Autumn is in full swing, so it is time for a new ROXY release! We haven’t sat still and expanded ROXY with these features and improvements.

What is new?

  • Better structured blocks library The new toolbox with robot commands The block library in the editor contains all commands to create robot programs. The new structure and search option help you find a specific block faster!

  • Set up tool dimensions

    A tool equipped robot arm has a different end location, which is important to know when programming. With the new tool offset wizard, it is easy to determine the tool dimensions so you can work with the right end locations.

  • Runtime start-up information

    Running your runtime step by step or checking the current speed of the robot, the user is now presented with some last minute information and options before running a (new) runtime.

  • Add devices easier Adding devices is easier Adding and connecting new devices to ROXY has never been easier. The improved wizard helps you add a robot, camera, sensor or other devices in a few steps!

  • Do the math block

    With the addition of several arithmetic blocks, you are now able to write more extensive logic and calculate new positions.

  • Minor improvements, such as new widgets for the dashboard, updated documentation and enhanced stability

Try this release!