ROXY summer release

Summer is here, which means it’s time for a new ROXY release! This release is focused on several improvements, for example regarding palletizing and user notifications. Read more about the improvements in this release below or try it out yourself. Palletizer

What is new?

  • New and improved palletizer
    The new and improved palletizer makes (de)palletizing objects with ROXY even more flexible and easy to use. Runtimes for (de)palletizing have become much more clear, flight paths have been added, and the new palletizer page shows a handy overview all palletizers and their current state.

  • Notification center
    The new notification center in ROXY bundles all user notifications in one overview, so feedback will never be missed.

  • Robot IO
    IO handling of PLC devices was one of the main features of the previous release. Now, robot IO has been given the same upgrade and is now just as easy to use as other IO in ROXY.

  • Clarified block execution
    All relevant blocks have been fitted with new icons, providing the user with extra information concerning the execution order.

  • Other improvements
    This release also comes with a lot of smaller improvements, including optimized detail windows and small improvements to the IO page.

Try this release!