ROXY is being used by various companies for palletizing, pick & place, assembly and machine tending.

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Product heating at Lankhorst

ROXY lets the robot opperate in combination with a propane burner to eavenly heat up the product from all side to allowe the coating layer to adhere better.


Machine tending at ABB

ROXY lets the robot pick and place inserts in the injection moulding machine. Operators can easily change the robot program and control using the ROXY Dashboard.


Palletizing at Betech Group

ROXY lets the robot place semi-finished products in a CNC turning machine, afterwards it is stacked the product using the Palletizer. Operators can easily change the robot programs.


Easy robot programming at Sirris

ROXY lets the robot pick products using a camera and places them in the mould of the injection moulding machine. Sirris' employees can change the robot programs themselves.