Easy robot programming at Sirris

About Sirris

The number of companies with innovative product ideas is growing. Sirris started a Technology Hub to support these companies producing prototypes, developing production processes and being ready for Industry 4.0. The Hub consists out of 6 labs that contain the newest machines and technologies like indutrial automation with robot arms, 3D printing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The challenge for Sirris

For a project in the Production Lab Sirris was looking for a flexible and simple solution to program a robot arm that uses sensors. Flexibility was needed because developing a new production process doesn’t happen without tweaking. The solution needed to be simple because people without programming experience had to program the robot.

Our solution: pick & place with vision

sirris ROXY lets the Stäubli TX2-90 robot arm pick up semifinished products with the help of a camera. The robot places the product in an Engel injection molding machine, closes the door and starts the machine. Sirris’ employees got a short ROXY introduction and started programming and teaching the robot positions by dragging and changing blocks in the ROXY Editor. They were amazed by the programming speed and ease of use of the ROXY user interface.

We have completely changed the runtime in 9 hours! Thank you ROXY!


  • Modify the production process with ease: Sirris is ready for the future!
  • Program industrial robot arms without programming experience.
  • Use robots flexible for different projects.
  • Industrial robots made accessible for all Sirris’ customers and employees!
  • Brand independent: With ROXY all supported robot brands are programmed the same way.
  • Used ROXY features Pick & Place, Robot Control, Vision with a camera (calibration), Variables.


Curious what ROXY can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Call Tomas de Rudder on +31630546580 or use the contact form.