Machine tending at ABB

About ABB Benelux

ABB has multiple production facilities in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. At the Ede factory, robots assemble junction boxes and enclosures. These simple products provide electrical connection points in walls and ceilings of almost every Dutch house.

The challenge for ABB

All ABB robots at the factory are programmed in Rapid, the default ABB programming language. For a new production unit with a robot and injection moulding machine, they were looking for an easy to understand and fast robot programming solution. It needed to be simple so the factory operators could understand the robot programs.

Our solution: pick & place with Euromap


ROXY lets the ABB IRB-1600 robot arm with a vacuum gripper place two threaded inserts in the mould of the injection moulding machine. Then the product is being moulded and pushed out. Communication takes place using the Euromap protocol, a standard for machine communication.

A short operator training enabled the operators to make changes to the robot program by dragging and changing blocks in the ROXY Editor. They can do this without any knowledge of the Rapid programming language.

The ROXY Dashboard gives operators insights to the states of the robot, injection moulding machine and process states. They can also start or stop various production process steps from the dashboard. It is also possible to use the physical buttons to control the program by using the robots input and output signals.

ROXY is user-friendly and can be used by anyone


  • Program industrial robot arms without programming experience
  • The production process can be easily modified.
  • Modify robot programs with ease.
  • Operators can make changes to the robot programs without knowledge of Rapid.
  • The ROXY Dashboard provides operators with insights and control.
  • Training for operators rated 8 out of 10.
  • Used ROXY features Euromap, Pick & Place, Input and output signal processing, Machine Tending, Robot control, Variables, Dashboard.


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