Palletizing at Betech Group


About Betech Group

The Betech Group has four facilities for the production of large series of CNC turned goods and the turning, milling and moulding of plastics in the Netherlands. Betech operates 24/7 with fully automated and especially smart production techniques that focus on high-quality end products.

The challenge for Betech

For the production of steel pipes, Betech was looking for a solution to easily program a robot arm to work with a CNC turning machine. Getting skilled in programming robot arms was a requirement, but the project also had to be delivered in a couple of weeks. Stäubli introduced them to us.

Our solution: pick & place with camera and palletizing

pattern Production can run automatically for 8 hours because the pallet with semi-finished products is on a turning table. ROXY lets a Stäubli RX-160 pick up the pipe with the help of a Sick PIM camera. The pipe is placed in the CNC turning machine. After the operation, the pipe gets cleaned and stacked on a pallet using a ROXY Palletizer stacking pattern.

After a short ROXY training, the Betech operators can change the robot programs themselves by dragging and changing blocks in the ROXY Editor. Without losing valuable production time.

The ROXY Dashboard provides insights and control in the production process.


  • Program industrial robot arms without programming experience.
  • Modify robot programs with ease.
  • The ROXY Dashboard provides insights and control.
  • Training for operators rated 9 out of 10.
  • Used ROXY features Euromap, Pick & Place, Input and output signal processing, Machine Tending, Robot control, Variables, Dashboard.


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