Product heating at Lankhorst

About Lankhorst

Lankhorst produces protection materials for underwater pipes leading to drill platforms. Lankhorst developed a special protective casing that shields the pipes from strong currents. To ensure the strength of the protective materials, an extra coating is applied. This coating will attach itself onto the material better if the material has been preheated by a burner. The preheating process had previously been carried out by hand, leading to inconsistencies in the final product and a lot of rejected products.

Our solution

By replacing the manual task with an automated one, carried out by a robot, the protective products are now preheated very consistently, increasing the quality of attachment of the coating. As a result, fewer products get rejected and less work has to be done manually. The robotic solution even provides the opportunity to preheat three products at once.

We provided the staff members of Lankhorst with a “crash course” in ROXY, by showing them how to teach the robot to reach specific positions, and how to build a program with those positions. In the following days, these staff members worked with the robot by themselves, teaching all the required positions and building their own runtimes for the final process.

Where they would have hired a system integrator in the past, they can now do the work by themselves and don’t need external help for optimizing current or implementing new processes anymore.

After using ROXY for one day, I can find everything that I need, and get started on implementing processes right away


  • Build programs for robots without external help from system integrators
  • Understanding ROXY in just one day
  • Very easy to build new processes and runtimes with ROXY


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